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New Daniel Stieglitz film - Erwin Leder

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October 13th, 2008

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12:45 pm - New Daniel Stieglitz film
Young and promising director Daniel Stieglitz, who previously brought us Happy End, is bringing a... different sort of film.

Spielzeugland (Toyland) finds Erwin Leder playing an old contract killer who is caught off guard by a little girl who's father he's supposed to kill. She is waiting for Santa Claus so he takes the role to get rid of her, but the harder he tries, the more he gets lost in the dreamworld of the child. Soon everything changes...

Bookmark Stieglitz's site for updates. Just a thought, but I wonder... why does Erwin have such a frequency of getting naked in films? Perhaps he simply has no problems with getting naked... also, this ain't Hollywood (fortunately).

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