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Let's put on a show - Erwin Leder

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December 7th, 2008

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04:42 pm - Let's put on a show
A (very long) picspam of my favorite Erwin images.

Contributions of your faves are always welcome.

Some miscellaneous works first.

Dead girl? That I no kills? Unpossible!

I go finds new peeps to kill. I'm a shark. Eatin' ur girls.

Erwin drag is easily the best drag. If not the most amusing.

But it wasn't a rock... it was a rock LOBSTER!

Who doesn't love Halloween?

Making a more convincing woman than that brunette over there. DAMN IT I wish his scene wasn't cut from Taxidermia's theatrical release!

Now for Vedunia!

Happy End


Wouldn't you trust this man?


AKA The movie most of us Yanks became familiar with him through. Eh... one has to start somewhere...

Singe says "how the hell does someone like ME get fangirls?"

I said, "maybe 'cause you look like Doug Bradley...?"

He's not amused by that.

A fave of mine. Oh, the angst.

Any regrets buying the extended edition? None at all.

I can carves the Cwissmas turkeh nao?

Writhing on the floor? Yes, please.

The Seven Deadly Sins Photoshoot

Sin of Sloth

Rather hairless fellow, isn't he? Not surprised, hehe.

Nasty bedsores from laziness. And now we know why Erwin's masculinity is never heckled. He's got big balls.

Part of the background for Sin of Lust. FUCK YES


Oh, the angst...

Scopin' the victims.

Can you imagine the flail factor that happened when I found this?

Suckin' sausages as he looks at ladies. I'm not joking.

Damn that boy is skinny. *wraps him in fuzzy blanket*

You made it to the end! Now get the hell out!

Just kidding. Give him a kiss goodbye.

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Date:December 12th, 2008 12:41 am (UTC)
Wow, that was a great collection of pictures. I loved your captions too. There were so many great ones. The comment about the extended edition of Underworld made me grin. I bought it specifically with the hope that there were more Singe scenes on it and I was rewarded with that great scene where Lucian puts his arm around Singe's shoulders. Awesome job.

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